Friday, 1 April 2011

Company's Annual Dinner

We had our company's annual dinner at Villa Halia in the mid of March. This year's theme is "garden floral" and unexpectedly many staff were pretty sporting to turn up in their flora apparels.
My Lunch Kakis
One of the door gifts include a flower where you can either clip it to your hair or blouse. Before the event, we thought that guys will resent the idea of putting on flower but we were utterly wrong. Those vain pots proved to us that they are as vain as the girls, a few even took more than one to decorate themselves.

The Drunkards

With Winnie who won the Best Dressed

Thursday, 31 March 2011

Disturb My Yukie

I love to talk to my babies and even make fun of them. I will play hide and seek with Yukie, he is very responsive to this game. Yukie will also respond to fetching game, his usual targets are towel and toys. As for Cody, he will only get excited upon hearing melody and going out. So games are more for Yukie unless he can't bother with me. Here's one showing he couldn't be bothered with me ;) So I placed all the toys on his body and monitor how long he can stay still.