Sunday, 24 June 2012

Peach Charlotte Ice-cream Cake

Weather is so hot lately and here's an ice-cream cake I made for my friend's birthday, just perfect for the killing weather. Is pretty easy, I modified the recipe for mango float to acheive this.


1 can nestle cream
1/2 cup condensed milk
225ml whip cream
1 can peach slices
1 pack of cream crackers
1/2-1 tbsp unsweetened coco powder
Grated cheese (optional, I used mixed mozarella & chedder cheese)
Spring form baking pan

Some ingredients that I used
1) Whisk the whip cream till thick and smooth. From 225ml mark, I whisked till it reached almost to 600ml mark.

2) Mix nestle cream and condensed milk well. In fact I used slightly less than 1/2 cup condensed milk as the fruit that I am using is already sweet. You could adjust according to your desire for sweetness. If the mixture at this point is not smooth, use a seive before pouring into the whip cream. Use a spatula and to mix well.

3) Divide the mixture into 3 portions. 2 portions plain mixture and 1 portion add in the coco powder and mix well. You can add more if want a darker chocolate color.

4) Shorten the ladyfingers by halve and line a 8 inch springform tin. 
5) Cover the base with cream crackers. Lesson learnt is to break the crackers with a knife to fill up the odd edges. I tried using my hands to break the crackers and I ended up with undesired sizes. However if you are using a square tin, such problem will be minimised.

6) Cut the peaches into small pieces and line a layer on top of the cream crackers.  
7) Spread a layer of plain mixture on it.
8) Repeat step 5-6.

9) Spread the coco layer on top.
10) Repeat step 5.

11) Spread the plain mixture on top.

12) Sprinkle some grated cheese if you like.

13) Design your cake top with the balance peaches you have.

14) Cover the springform with foil and now is ready to freeze overnight transforming into ice-cream.

15) Before serve, leave it in room temperature for around 30mins otherwise it will be too icy hard to cut. Remove the ring from the spring form pan and if you like can tie a ribbon around the ladyfingers.

Monday, 18 June 2012

Simply Platter

One of the days where I simply couldn't think of what to cook for dinner, the best is to check out what is available inside the fridge. Not bad, found some hidden treasures and I shall combine everything to make a platter. My platter comprises of garlic butter prawns, beef & quail egg skewer and portobello with ham & cheese. I love the portobello being done in this way that gives different sensation when you bite on it. The base is the layer of portobello's orginal taste, second layer is sweet with mayonnoise and the portobello juice. Next comes the salty layer from the melted cheese and lastly the texture layer from the ham bits. Love it!

Garlic Butter Prawns
~ Season the prawns with pepper and garlic powder.
~ Heat up pan with a knob of butter and cook the prawns.

Beef & Quail Egg Skewers
~ Boil quail eggs and remove the shells.
~ Season beef cubes with oyster sauce, pepper and cooking wine.
~ Heat up pan with little oil, pan fry the cubes. Add mirin and flip to the other side and cook.
~ Use toothpick to combine quail egg, cucumber cubes and beef cubes together.

Portobello with Ham & Cheese
~ Spread a layer of mayonnoise with dried mixed herbs on the portobello.
~ Baked for few mins until almost done.
~ Take out the baking tray and add cheese & ham on top and bake till cheese melted.
~ Sprinkle with dried mixed herbs and serve.

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Baking Class

Signed up for a baking class from Phoon Huat Baking School at Aljunied. I have enjoyed the lesson very much together with some friends. We laughed a lot during the lesson especially when making the bread. The chocolate melted very fast while we were shaping the bread and you know, it was pretty unsightly to see puddles of chocolate on the working desk. But the end result was great, here are the bakes done on the day that took us more than three hours to finish them.

interior of the cake