Monday, 15 February 2016

Seafood Porridge

We missed the seafood porridge from Kaoshiung so we made a trip to Sheng Shiong to buy some fresh seafood and DIY. I didn't make the same grain texture as what we had in Kaoshiung. Kaoshiung's porridge will need to cook the rice in rice cooker and add to seafood soup whereas mine is all in a pot.

- Cook old cucumber, soft bones, carrot, honey date, dried scallop soup for 1.5hrs.
- Add rice grains and cook like usual porridge.
- When porridge is almost done, add crayfish and few ginger slices and cook awhile.
- Add lala then prawns the last.
- Sprinkle spring onions, pinch of salt and pepper.
- Fry some minced garlic with sesame oil until browned and crispy. Sprinkle onto porridge and serve. Don't be too generous on this although crispy garlic is very fragrance but it has a slight bitter taste.

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